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Why You Should Use a Dishwasher Instead of Hand Washing Dishes

There have been countless debates about which method of cleaning is more cost, and energy efficient. Many assume that dishwashers use more water, and energy; but, is that really the case?

Turns out dishwashers use far less water than you would think. By hand washing your dishes, you use about 3.5 time more water than an average dishwasher. This is because water in the dishwasher is reused throughout the cycle. Modern dishwashers use fresh water in the beginning of the cycle, filter the water as it goes through the cycle and gives it one last rinse with fresh water before the run ends. In addition, while the water gets filtered, the water is heated up to ensure clean dishes. Now, this raises the concern of energy consumption. It is often forgotten that when you hand wash dishes, hot water is used and which requires energy! Energy Star certified dishwashers can actually use less than half the energy it takes to hand wash dishes. Not only do dishwashers save water and energy, most importantly they save you time!

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