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Why Choose an Induction Range?

There are a couple of reasons why you may have only recently heard of induction ranges; one being the fact that prices of induction ranges in the past have been beyond its alternative gas and electric ranges. Secondly, people are very skeptical of the science behind induction ranges.

Over the years, they have gained popularity within the culinary industry as professional see value in the efficiency of these stovetops. Induction ranges have decreased drastically in price, with some ranges costing as little as $1500.

How Do They Work?

Induction ranges allows for a very rapid increase in temperature through electric currents. These currents create an electromagnetic reaction with the cookware. Using specific pots and pans is the secret to induction technology as it requires magnetic material to generate heat. Cookware made of cast iron, or magnetic stainless steel will surely work.

What are the Benefits?

Induction ranges cook much faster than gas and electric ranges, saving up to 50% of your average cook time. Not only does it save you time, it saves you money because induction ranges use less energy than its alternatives. The nature of this technology also makes it much safer if kids are around. Heat is only transferred to the cookware, and the cool down time of the surface is almost instantaneous. We all know that cooking can get messy sometimes; the flat surface of induction ranges makes it an easy clean.

Some Considerations

Choosing an induction range has many benefits; however, the transition may be costly. If you do not already have suitable cookware, it will be an additional cost in your range budget. Although subtle, the interaction between the cookware and the range produces a hum-like sound. Unlike a gas range, in the instance of a power outage, the fully electric appliance loses all its functions.

Induction ranges are relatively new in the appliance industry, but many professionals now choose induction over all other methods. It’s efficiency, and safety make for a serious upgrade.

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