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What Are Smart Appliances?

Appliances have changed significantly over the years; in an age where technology surrounds us, it is no surprise that appliances can now be “smart” too! So, what makes Smart Appliances different from regular appliances?

Similar to regular appliances, Smart Appliances get the job done; however, smart appliances connect to the internet and mobile devices making chores less of a hassle. By aligning all your home appliances, the start to your housework is at the tip of your fingers. Below are examples of some Smart Appliances:

Smart Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators go beyond keeping your food fresh. With products like the Samsung Family Hub, find recipes, watch videos, listen to music and even build a shopping list on it’s built in screen. Some smart refrigerators even have self-diagnostic abilities, so you don’t have to guess when something goes wrong.

Smart Washers & Dryers

Smart washers and dryers give you the ability to control the appliances remotely. No more waiting around for the cycle to end, simply choose the cycle you want when you’re on the go and come home just in time; schedule cycles to run at a time that is convenient for you.

Smart Microwaves

Tired of guessing the cook time for your foods? Smart microwaves now have voice commands, Wi-Fi connection abilities and barcode scanners to cook frozen foods to perfection.

Smart Range Hoods

Smart ranges can detect grease and steam levels to apply its auto-adjustment for perfect ventilation. Some ranges come with timers and even indicators to change the filter!

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