Standard 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

■  All products sold at Handy Appliances come with a Standard 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. We also offer additional warranty coverage for up to 4 years. See the information below for a broad overview of the warranties we offer.

Handy Appliances Extended Service Program

■  Our warranty underwriter enables us to offer up to 4 years of additional coverage beyond a manufacturer’s 1-Year warranty. Even if you never take advantage of this warranty while the standard one is in effect, it converts back to store credit. Our 3, 4 and 5 Year Extended Service Plans cover all brands and give our customers the following benefits:

Tailored Care for your Appliance

Our warranty underwriter goes above and beyond the  generic warranties that often confuse you, leaving you hoping your appliance is covered. They offer clearly explained, specially-tailored warranties based on the type of appliance you have. Their warranties cover the following, for example:

■  Thermal Breakages on Ceramic Tops, Elements, Heating Coils, Control Buttons, Thermostats, Oven Bake Unit, Door Lock, Door Seals, Lights (Electrical), Electrical Outlets on Panels, Timers, Programming Functions, Convection Fans, Gas Components.

■  Defrost Timers, Thermostats, Cool Air Compressors, Water Dispensers, Door Seals, Evaporators, Defrost Heaters, Drain Connections, Defrost Thermostats, Condensers. 

■  Motors, Transmissions, Clutch & Brakes, Pumps, Heater Coils/ Elements, Control Boards, Lid Switches, H20 Temp Controls, Fill Valves, Door Seals, Detergent Dispensers, Agitators/Drums.

■  Control Boards, Door Sensors, Heater Coils/Elements, Spin Drums, Drive Belts & Fan Blades, Motors, Blowers, Thermostats, Timers, Start Switches, Selector Switches, Burner Assemblies.

■  Timers, Selector Switches, Soil Sensors, Soap and Rinse Aid Dispensers, Drain Pumps, Motor, Control Boards, Thermostats, Sprayer Arms, Heating Elements, Door Locks, Door Seals.

■  Motors, Heating Elements, Control Boards, Electrical Wires, Connectors, Timers, Condenser Units, Control Switches, Temperature Controls, Thermostats, Thermal Fuses, Fans, Compressors, Driver Belts, Evaporators, Circuit Boards, Plugs & Cords.