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The modern kitchen is the heart of a home; and no longer just the place for food preparation. It’s a place to socialize, dine and is debatably the most important room in the house. As the purpose of a kitchen spans into a living space, the importance of comfort and design raises. Rather than functionality being the only focus, style is also a deciding factor for a perfect kitchen. In the past, appliances have had quite a standard look. The spectrum of designs have been limited to mass manufactured products.

Café Appliances launched by General Electric, recognized the importance of design and customization. Their new range provides the ability to tailor different style combinations through their appliances.

Personalizing appliances to match your unique style, this new series starts off with your base colour choice of matte black, matte white or stainless steel. The base is then accented with a hardware variety of brushed stainless, brushed black, brushed copper or brushed bronze.

Not only does this selection reflect your personal style, its functionality is offered in the full range wifi connected kitchen. This allows you to manage your appliances through your mobile device; changing the oven temperature, and checking your ice supply is just a couple of the many abilities these appliances hold. Café Appliances moves toward the innovative way of living; blending functionality with personalized style.

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