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How to Choose Between a Gas and Electric Cooktop

When shopping for a new cooktop, you will find a variety of different options. The most popular choices you will come across are gas and electric cooktops, but how do you know which option fits your needs? We have compiled the main difference between gas and electric cooktops to better assist you in your decision.

Gas Cooktops

  • Gas cooktops have very accurate cooking temperatures. Unlike induction cooktops, gas cooktops allow for quick changes in cooking temperatures without a buffer time.
  • Gas cooktops are fast. It requires less time for the cookware to heat because of its direct contact with flames. Induction cooktops require time for the cooker to warm up.
  • Gas cooktops are reliable. Gas cooktops do not require electricity, even when the power goes out you will be able to cook a good meal for your family.

Electric Cooktops

  • Electric Cooktops are easy to clean. Traditional cooktops have many places for food to hide; the flat surface of induction cooktops make for clean cooking.
  • Electric Cooktops are more cost efficient. Not only is the appliance itself less costly, they are a lot easier to install because it doesn’t involve gas.
  • Electric Cooktops are safer. They use electricity for heat instead of gas, so there is no fear of potential gas leaks.
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