Does Your Washer Make Your Clothes Dirty?

The washing machine is an amazing cleaning tool that has become a staple in many households; but if your clothes are not as clean as they should, it may be time to clean it. We often forget that washers need to be cleaned as well in order to prevent the growth of mold, and mildew. Here are a couple of quick tips to clean your washer.

How to clean washer

  1. Set your empty washer for a large load with HOT water.  Mix one cup of bleach to the cycle and let run.
  2. Once, the bleach cycle is complete, set a second load with HOT water and two cups of white distilled vinegar. This will remove any abnormal scents from your washer while removing soap residue that encourages the growth of mildew.
  3. Wash all products down with a load of HOT water.  
  4. Finally, clean the door seal of your washer with a cloth dipped in a 10:1 ratio of water and bleach. Be sure to use gloves to protect your skin. 

Mildew Prevention Tips

  • After washes, leave the door open to encourage airflow. Mildew and mold is more likely to grow in damp and wet environments. Once fully dried, you can close the door. 
  • Take clean clothes out of the dryer as soon as possible.
  • Clean your washer regularly. 
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