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Does Your Dryer Need a Boost?

If your dryer doesn’t dry clothes the way it used to, you may need to clean your dryer filter and external duct. A clogged duct and filter can significantly increase your electricity bill! It may take you two or maybe even three cycles to fully dry your items. The amount of time, money and energy wasted is only a part of the issue. Not only does cleaning your dryer filter and duct eliminate unnecessary costs, it also removes a critical household risk. A dusty, lint filled dryer filter and duct is one of the leading causes of house fires.

How to clean a dryer filter (Clean every time):

  1. First you must locate the internal filter in your dryer. This is usually located near the door of the dryer.
  2. Simply remove the lint buildup layer on the filter and place the clean filter back into the dryer.

How to clean a dryer duct (Clean at least every 2 years):

  1. Locate the dryer duct. In the back of the dryer, hot air is transported outside the home through an aluminum pipe. Use this as direction to find the external duct. Once you have located the duct, remove the cover.
  2. Unplug the dryer to access the direct outflow of air; this will be connected to the aluminum piping. Remove the metal strap that secures the dryer to the aluminum piping. Shift the dryer to ensure accessibility.
  3. Now you are all prepped and ready for cleaning! We suggest using a dryer lint removal/cleaning kit to clean throughout the piping. These kits typically include round brushes with an extendable rod. Insert the brush and spin while extending; ultimately you want to reach the other end of the pipe. This may require a couple of attempts if the pipes turn.
  4. After removing all dust, lint and debris, reconnect all parts removed in the previous steps. The dryer should be up and running like its new!

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