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Convection Ovens

When shopping through appliance stores for the perfect oven, you will notice that there are many different functions and styles to choose from. You will most likely come across a convection oven, but what differentiates a convection oven from a regular oven?

In regular ovens, the source of heat comes from the bottom; heat rises to the top and items on the top rack cook faster. Uneven heat distribution resulting in inconsistent cooking is a major reason for the invention of the convection oven. Convection ovens have a fan at the back of the oven, creating an even flow of heat. Since the hot air is thoroughly distributed, meats will be evenly roasted, and desserts will be baked to perfection. Not only does the food come out better, convection ovens save time and energy. The even heat cooks more efficiently in less time and you can utilize all racks without worrying about inconsistency.

If you have an appreciation for a good meal, you will find that a convection oven makes all the difference in taste and convenience.

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