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Cleaning Your Ice Machine

An ice-cold drink is always refreshing; the best way to maintain the taste and cleanliness of your ice is with proper maintenance and cleaning. Lack of maintenance can result in the growth of mold which could lead to heath complications or shorten the life-spam of your machine. We recommend cleaning your machine at least once every six months or more if you notice signs of build-up. Below are a few signs that it may be time to give your ice machine a good clean!

  • Ice tastes odd or has an odor
  • Ice cubes come out smaller
  • Ice cubes are not clear
  • Visible mildew, mold or another residue on the machine’s interior

Steps for Manual Cleaning:

Unplug the Appliance

Turn off the machine to ensure that it won’t make ice while you’re cleaning. Remove the ice basket.

Drain the Water

Locate and remove the drain plug to allow the water from the reservoir to flow into a container or your sink until all the water has drained from the machine.

Clean the Interior

Dip cloth into a cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer or mix a solution of 10:1 ratio of warm water and lemon juice. Wipe down the interior walls, reservoir and corners with the solution. After, rinse thoroughly using clean water and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Clean the ice basket and scoop using a mild detergent.

Restart the Machine

Place all parts of the ice maker back in place and ensure the drain plug is in. Insert the ice basket and plug in the unit.

Make a Batch of Ice

Fill the water reservoir with the cleaning solution, make a batch of ice, and discard. Unplug the ice maker and drain the water once again. While the plug is removed pour clean, fresh, water through the reservoir and let it drain into the sink. Continue to rinse the unit several more times before reinserting the plug and resume making ice as usual.

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