Innovative Appliances That Meet Your Unique Style

Posted on July 11, 2019

The modern kitchen is the heart of a home; and no longer just the place for food preparation. It’s a place to socialize, dine and is debatably the most important room in the house. As the purpose of a kitchen spans into a living space, the importance of comfort and design raises. Rather than functionality being the only focus, style is also a deciding factor for a perfect kitchen. In the past, appliances have had quite a standard look. The spectrum of designs have been limited to mass manufactured products.


5 Ways to Maintain and Clean Your Hood Fan

Posted on March 2, 2019

Making Your Range Hood Last!

Range Hoods keeps the air in your kitchen clean from smoke when you are cooking up a storm in there. So, itsimportant that you maintain the greasiest appliance in your home to prevent defects and potential fire hazards ( Yes, that can happen!). Below are 5 tips to help you keep your range hood in tip-top shape.


Get More out of Your Dishwashers – 5 Tips on How To Getting a Better Clean

Posted on September 14, 2018

5 Tips on How to Get a Better Wash from Your Machine

You may start to notice that your dishwasher has lost its cleaning power over time. Perhaps it’s because you haven’t been able to use your machine to its fullest! Here are 5 tips on how to turn an OK clean to an Outstanding clean from your dishwasher.


Tips for Anyone Who Wants Better Tasting Wine

Posted on December 20, 2017

Ever been saving a wonderfully expensive bottle of wine for a special occasion only to remember it tasting better? It’s probably not the wine itself but the way you’re storing them. Calling all wine enthusiasts out there, here are a few tips on how to properly store your wines to avoid spoilage and keep your wines tasting better, longer!

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